Would you like to receive automatically by email, listings for properties in your price range, location 
and according to your search specifications???  Now its possible!  The entire Minneapolis homes, & condominium market is now available to you online via our automated system.  Enter
your information "one time" and receive daily, weekly, bi monthly or monthly updates automatically
by email
 (Includes all listings by all real estate companies.) Are you selling or thinking about selling?  You can receive all listings in your neighborhood as they go on the market, go under contract, and become sold listings including the actual selling prices. 

You finally find that one home that sounds just right. You call! After several attempts, and voice messages, you finally get through. Then you find the home is already "UNDER CONTRACT!" Isn't it so frustrating? You wonder if you will ever find the home that is just right for you. Donít worry, youíre not alone. 

Printed ads and web listings tend to be stale.  Ad deadlines have to be met sometimes a month before, especially if they are in a magazine. Yet most buyers often begin their home search by looking through ads or surfing the web.

The truth of the matter is that even a seasoned real estate agent couldnít find the homes they hope to sell through the ads or on the web. The reason is, there is not enough information! All the important information is missing, because you have to call the agent to get the rest of the information. 
Our listings include full listing info, not found on any other search engines, i.e. days on market, room sizes, remarks, price changes, driving directions, etc.

Now you have the power to break out of this rut! You can have "Power Search"  This is the answer homebuyers and potential sellers have been looking for. Now you can find a home or condo without all the traditional hassle involved.  

Our system ensures that you are receiving the most up to date info on the market and you will not be missing any properties that have just come on the market. We also email short articles containing useful information for homebuyers & sellers.

Simply fill out our interactive Email form and we will notify you via email shortly that you have been entered into our database. To change your searches or discontinue just email us.   

Our service and information is "free" and there is no obligation. We do not put you on a phone call or any other marketing campaign. We simply hope that you will appreciate our service and information & email or call on us when you have questions and need our services.   We extend to you our offer of "personalized services" for showings of properties you are most interested in, writing contract offers, or meeting with you to discuss your "listing" needs and to discuss the powerful marketing plans we have in place to find that home or to make that sale for you.

Yours most truly,

David & Joyce Leatherman

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